Why Buy Texas Land in 2024

There are so many reasons to purchase land in Texas!

 You are looking for a good investment property. You want to run a farm or a ranch.   You are wanting a property where you and your family can get away and relax.  These are all great reasons to searching for that piece of Texas you have been dreaming about.

Although the real estate market in 2023 was challenging, Texas continues to be one of the best places in the U.S. to invest in land.  2024 promises to provide opportunities for investors looking for stability and growth potential.

Why buy now?

  • POPULATION GROWTH:  Texas has experienced a significant increase of people from across the country moving to our state, drawn by cost of living, by our booming job market, and a favourable business environment that encourages growth and investment.

NOTE:  Texas has five cities in the nation’s top 15 largest cities in terms of population: (2022)

Houston is 4th with 2,302,878

San Antonio is 7th with 1,472,909

Dallas is 9th with 1,299,544

Austin is 10th with 974,447

Fort Worth is 13th with 956,709

  • ECONOMIC RESILIENCE: Texas enjoys a strong and diverse economy that has exhibited remarkable resilience, even during periods of economic downturn. With industries spanning technology, energy, healthcare, and more, the state’s economy has been a driving force for job creation and population growth, driving the demand land from within and outside of our state.
  • AFFORDABILITY AND DIVERSE OFFERING:  Compared to most other states, Texas offers many affordable land investment options, for both those looking for property to enjoy with their families and also investors looking to take advantage of the market.  Whatever your reason is for considering purchasing land, Texas provides numerous land investment opportunities within different price points and property types.



Determine why you are purchasing property.    Is this an investment to be sold, for a profit in the future?  Is this property that will be used for crops or livestock?  Is this an investment to enrich your family time enjoying the great outdoors.  Consider the following:

LOCATION – when you get ready to resell your property location will be an issue with potential buyers. Is there good access from roadway?  Are there grocery stores and gas stations within driving distance.  If you plan on moving fulltime to your new property it is important to research school districts, hospitals, and other available services.

ZONING/EASEMENTS – check zoning ordinances to determine if they have any restrictions on what you can do to improve your land.  Research if the government has any future plans to build something that might have an impact on your lands value, such as highways/roads nearby.

ROAD ACCESS – you need to make sure that the land you invest in has a way to get on it.  If you can only access your property by crossing someone else’s you will need to get legal permission to cross.

LANDSCAPE – the topography needs to be considered when purchasing land.  The type of soil, grasses, the number of trees, elevations and flatlands, surface water are a few of the attributes that determine the current and future value of land.

UTILITIES – do you have access to water, electricity, or sewage systems – if not you should to determine the cost for drilling a well, building a septic system, and also access to electricity.

RESTRICTIONS/COVENANTS – determine if any restrictions have been put in place by local government or by previous owners that might have an effect on what you can do with your property.


Buying land can be complicated that is why it is wise to recruit the help of an experienced Land Brokerage.

Why contact RANCH CONNECTION to help you find the perfect property for you.

  • Established in 1984, we have sold land all over the Lone Star State
  • We have the experience and expertise with all types of property.Including cattle ranches, horse farms, recreational/hunting properties, exotic game ranches, producing farms, lands purchased for developments, and conservation land.
  • WHAT DO WE DO BEST:We listen to you!   Our success comes from lending a hand to you to assure you find that right piece of Texas.


Ranch Connection is a full service Land and Ranch Real Estate Brokerage established in 1984.

If we can assist you with selling your ranch/land please contact us at cynthia@ranchconnection.com

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By:  Dave Norris – davenorris@ranchconnection.com