We have all heard older folks say, “Buy land……….they are not making anymore”  They are absolutely correct.  Land is a limited commodity and a GREAT longterm investment.

When you say Real Estate, people think of lots, houses, or commercial building.  Seldom do they consider ranch and raw land when investing, missing out on a lucrative opportunity for growth!

Why buy land in Texas, well we would like to share reasons why:

  • Recently people from other parts of our country are flocking to Texas, because the state is very pro-business with a strong economy.
  • Texas has a wide variety of terrain from the piney woods of east Texas, the rolling hills and grasslands of central and north Texas, nearly 400 miles of coast line, and desert in the west. There is also a wide variety of wildlife.
  • Texas land can be used for many things,including investment, Ranch/Farming, hunting,  country living, and recreation,
  • Less restrictions than in a city – you have an opportunity to develop and use your land as you want without a lot of restrictions.There are areas that have limited restrictions even in the country.
  • Tax benefits available with agriculture and wildlife exemptions.
  • Historically raw land appreciates faster than developed property – there is a limited supply which usually results in higher returns.
  • TEXAS LAND IS A GREAT LONGTERM INVESTMENT because “they are not making anymore”.

Why contact RANCH CONNECTION to help you find the perfect property for you.

  • Established in 1984, we have sold land all over the Lone Star State
  • We have the experience and expertise with all types of property.Including cattle ranches, horse farms, recreational/hunting properties, exotic game ranches, producing farms, lands purchased for developments, and conservation land.
  • WHAT DO WE DO BEST:We listen to you!   Our success comes from lending a hand to you to assure you find that right piece of Texas.

Ranch Connection is a full service Land and Ranch Real Estate Brokerage established in 1984.

If we can assist you with selling your ranch/land please contact us at cynthia@ranchconnection.com

Please visit our website at www.ranchconnection.com

By:  Dave Norris – davenorris@ranchconnection.com